Wavve Audio Insider #133: How to Interview. Plus, Insights From an Experienced Podcaster

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10 Podcasting Lessons Learned After 100 Episodes

Reaching 100 episodes is a respectable milestone. And those who have reached the century mark likely know a thing or two about podcasting. Joesph Liu, host of the Career Relaunch podcast, wrote about his learnings in a recent Forbes article. His takeaways are good ones:

  1. Starting somewhere is the most important step
  2. A proper studio setup makes a difference
  3. Consistency is half the battle
  4. Every episode doesn't have to be amazing
  5. Outsourcing technical tasks is critical
  6. Finding the right guests can't be automated
  7. Securing sponsorship isn't the only measure of success
  8. Podcasting offers many hidden benefits
  9. You have to be in it for the right reasons
  10. You can have a real impact

Liu goes into plenty of detail about each in the article. They're all valid points from someone who knows.

Interviewing for Podcasters: Tips and Techniques

The learnings above are from a veteran podcaster. The tips in a recent Wavve blog are ideal if you're just starting out, or want to brush up on your interviewing skills.

Conducting engaging and insightful interviews is a crucial skill for podcasters. A well-conducted interview can provide valuable content, attract new listeners, and create memorable episodes. However, interviewing is an art that requires preparation, active listening, and the ability to steer conversations in meaningful directions. Wavve offers a comprehensive guide to interviewing for podcasters, with tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your interviews.


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