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publishedabout 2 months ago
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Each week, we bring the Wavve Maker community relevant news and encouragement in the world of audio marketing and podcasting. #MakeWavves

Let's go!

Who doesn't love laughing in the morning with their favorite voices? And to see this fun photo of Jeff & Rachael on the My Magic 104.1 Morning Show out of Oklahoma City paired along with their voices? It warms my heart. Great design highlighting the day, the brand, and the personality of the radio hosts. 🙌👏👌

  • For those looking to sell ad spots on their podcast, it's good to how much 1,000 listens is worth (also called CPMs). Calculate your earnings here. (Thanks Libsyn!)
  • Starting Feb 9, Twitter will end free API access, which means a massive scramble has begun for those who built their business on this free access. I guess those $8 Twitter subscriptions didn't work out for Elon. 😮
  • For those looking for alternatives to Twitter, we have Mastodon and a crypto cousin, Nostr (Damus) There is a joke there somewhere.
  • Audiobook authors rejoiced at Spotify's recent earnings report. "A lot of new things" are coming in 2023, says CEO Daniel Ek.

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