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published3 months ago
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Each week, we bring the Wavve Maker community relevant news and encouragement in the world of audio marketing and podcasting. #MakeWavves

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Did you know that looking at the color yellow has been shown to cause hunger over other colors? There is a reason that fast food restaurants use it generously. The Eat Real to Heal Podcast uses shades of yellow in a professional wavve design. Smart.

  • Starting February 1, 2023, YouTube will begin an uncapped ad revenue share with creators of Shorts.
  • In the ever advancing world of AI, audio creators are perking up. Microsoft announced that it can take as little as three seconds of your voice recording to simulate you saying anything you type. Bye audio recording and editing. Hello "vintage" podcasters who will stick to their real voice.
  • Speaking of Microsoft, if they put ChatGPT into their Bing search engine, the question in all content creators' minds is this: Will individual website articles and blogs lose all traffic if people get their answers directly from the search engines?

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