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Podcasting versus music talent

Steph Smith shared a thought recently about being grateful she can't sing.

Why did she say this?

Because music "tricks more people into believing they were 'born' to do something, causing many to dedicate their lives to it, with very few 'making it' on the other side."

It's so true. I saw it in Nashville in spades. I was even tempted when I was younger to think along these lines.

Some encouragement that I have a talent to do music and BAM! I'm supposed to do music.

The shock living in Nashville was that so many talented people also shared this belief. Enough to where you eventually start asking yourself, "Is my talent enough to do this for a living?"

The answer is almost always no. Unless you also have the drive, the grit, the hit songs, the team, the live show, the marketing, the "it" factor, etc.

For podcasters and content creators in general, I believe they face the same temptation and likewise, discouragement. Just on a lesser scale.

Many are tricked into thinking they can have a hit show or viral content based on their talent alone. Or, because they don't feel like they have any talent from day one, they don't even try.

The best balance I've seen is when you know you have some natural talent and desire yet know you need to work hard every day at it to improve.

This combination of self-awareness and humility will give you a shot at competing in the marketplace of rare talent and unlimited distraction.

A shot. Not a guarantee.

Like music, there are so many factors that decide success, not even celebrities and record labels can guarantee it.

So instead of thinking you were born for podcasting or content creation, I believe it's much more beneficial and wise to believe you probably weren't. And need to show up every day and work on it.




I like this layout where the host photo is small and close to the Podcast title and the guest gets the spotlight. I also like how the guest is label a guest. Sometimes, for new listeners, it's hard to tell who is the host and who is the guest!

The different colors that break up the text, the stair-stepped title that leads the eye own the right to the episode title — well designed. 👏


Catalytic Leadership Podcast about Principles for Leaders

10:13 CEO Building Personal Brand Insights

20:37 Improving Zoom Presence and Leadership Skills

27:57 Challenges and Strategies for Leadership

37:18 Just in Time

45:26 Catalytic Leadership - Principles for Leaders

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