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  • Staying Relevant: Adapting Your Podcast Marketing as Gen Z Trends Evolve
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Your natural versus consumer content

Before creators can make creating content easier, we must ask ourselves, "What medium do we feel is most natural?"

Some of us like to write. Other take photos. Still others like film.

When we find the medium that makes creating easier, and I say easier because it's rarely easy, then we gain a lot of clarity.

We know where we will start.

We know who we will need on our team.

We know what processes and tools will help us translate and repurpose the content into the right formats.

For example, a writer will start with a blog, read it for a podcast (or get someone else to), and potentially use a tool like Wavve to turn it into a video.

A filmmaker will create a video, find interesting clips to share, transcribe it, edit it, and create a blog from it. He may even take the audio and make a podcast out of it.

Two different starting mediums. Two very different content creation workflows.

There are also times when certain content is not easily transferred into different formats or lengths.

This is also something we need to evaluate when it comes to how to share our work.

Some content is better left long and some short content is hard to make longer.

In these cases, the summary, trailer, quote, or promotional posters work best. What can entice a new fan to try it out?

Think like a consumer, overwhelmed by all the other content a quick scroll away.

Your starting chosen medium or natural content doesn't have to cater to this audience, but your marketing content does.




Huge congrats to The Aligned Woman Podcast for 150 episodes! That's not easy. I like the lines in this design. They all have a nice balance and width in relation to the overall aesthetic. Well done and we celebrate with you.


Staying Relevant: Adapting Your Podcast Marketing as Gen Z Trends Evolve

Gen Z is currently shaping marketing trends, so catering to them through generational podcast marketing can help boost your success.

  • What Is Generational Marketing?
  • Tailoring Podcast Marketing to Gen Z Trends
  • Short-Form Videos
  • Social Media Influencer Marketing
  • Values-Based Marketing
  • Metaverse Marketing
  • Keep Adapting

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