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published5 months ago
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Each week, we bring the Wavve Maker community relevant news and encouragement in the world of audio marketing and podcasting.

In this issue:

  • Wavve design highlight from a recent Wavve Maker
  • Neilsen 2023 marketing report
  • Amazon podcasts paying listeners?
  • How are YouTube podcasts doing?

Wavve Design of the Week

Of course an artist and dancer makes for a beautiful design. Tasteful and interesting colors mix with an engaging photo to draw your eye to the right places on the audiogram. The design is simple yet sophisticated in its detail. It inspires me to take more interesting photos. To design inspired by the subject. Great work.👏

In Case You Missed It

  • Social media and video again come out on top as marketers' most effective choices for their budgets, according to Nielsen.
  • Amazon is paying listeners to switch to their podcast platform, if you are in Australia.
  • Major podcasts are streaming on YouTube now, but nobody seems to care. Some are saying it's because they don't have video on a video-first platform. Sounds like they need Wavve.

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Meme Worthy

With many of us naturally working in and around social media every day, we see a lot of outrageous stuff. We are with you!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Wavve Audio Insider. Keep creating. Stay consistent. And focus on the positives.

Jeff Dolan

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