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published3 months ago
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  • How does the Spotify algo work?
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  • Wavve Design of the Week
  • How To Make A Reel On Instagram
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Slow is the new fast

Every time I scroll through social media these days, I see people sharing their hack, trick, secret, or shortcut.

It's gone so far, there are de-influencers now. These creators sarcastically share things that don't work, tell you what is not good about products, or make comedy out of guru advice.

The fastest way to $1 million? Start with $2 million.

Want to get paid on Spotify? Just cut a short song and program it to repeat 24-7.

That kind of thing.

But the thing I've learned in spades this year in the content marketing world, is that there are no short cuts.

You have to "put in the reps," as they say. You can't get strong by reading about lifting weights.

The short cut actually is slowing down, learning it properly, doing the inner work, and following a plan.

So if it takes you longer to do all the necessary steps, so be it.

It's still faster than the never-ending cycle of secrets that take you back to the beginning to start over with a new secret.




👏 I saw this wavve design and just liked the colors. See. It doesn't have to be complicated. Just create something cohesive that you know will stop people from scrolling on past.


How To Make A Reel On Instagram

Follow this guide to learn how to make a Reel on Instagram, including how to edit and share Instagram Reels.

Considerations For Creating The Ultimate Instagram Reels

  1. Hook Your Audience In The First Second
  2. What’s In It For Them?
  3. Hop On Timely Trends

How To Make An Instagram Reel:

  1. Storyboard Your Concept
  2. Shoot Your Reel
  3. Edit Your Reel
  4. Share Your Reel

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