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  • Podcasts are the Most Influential Media Channel in Singapore​
  • Wavve Design of the Week
  • The Best Time to Post Instagram Reels
  • Meme Worthy


The rise of the influencer

As TikTok leads the way in the growth of marketing spend on social media influencers, every major social platform has seen this trend higher than simple social ad spend growth.

Why have solo creators become the new trend?

Creators have wised up to the fact they can own their own audiences through newsletters, SMS lists, blogs, and podcasts.

By sponsoring a trusted creator influencer in a niche, a brand gets not only one social channel but potentially all owned channels that creator controls.

That could mean converting much better across various pockets of an audience in different formats.

Some people who follow an influencer are more familiar with clicking a link in their favorite podcast show notes after they hear a call to action, while others like to read the same content in a newsletter and click a link there.

Both of these types of conversions are off limits if a brand simply paid for an ad on Instagram.

And so the connecting point is the trusted influencer.

It makes sense.

The question as you market your podcast, audiobook, or music on various social channels is, what audiences and channels are you building that you own and control versus don't.

How can you ensure you are building on both types to become an attractive partner in future collaborations and opportunities?




I might be the only one, but anytime I see small writing that looks like a quote in my feed, I have to read it. This week, this wavve design nails that perfectly. And by encircling the words in the animated waveform, the viewer knows there is an audio portion. Keep in mind, a high percentage of scrollers on some platforms, like Instagram, have audio turned off, so the mistake many audio creators make when converting into video is missing the visual hook required to communicate that there is valuable audio there. 👏


The Best Time to Post Instagram Reels

When is the best time to post Instagram Reels? Read our guide to determine when your audience is online and ready for your Reels.

We cover the general optimal times every day of the week. However, you should look up your optimal times in your account. We show you how.

3 Tips for Finding the Best Time to Post Instagram Reels

  1. Know Where Your Audience Is Located
  2. Find Any Competitive Trends
  3. Experiment With Different Posting Times

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