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In today’s email:

  • Hard decisions for small businesses‚Äč
  • ‚ÄčDisney+ Sheds 12M Subscribers in Focus on Ads
  • ‚Äč‚ÄčAfripods‚Äô Empowering Broadcast-To-Podcast Technology
  • Wavve Design of the Week
  • Use Audiograms To Create On-Ramps To Your Content
  • Meme Worthy



Hard decisions for small businesses

As some in our community know, running a software company is not easy.

I mean, running a small business is not easy.

And as a web-only business, Wavve has many browsers, many versions, many devices, and many different creators all over the world using our software.

And we are SO grateful.

On any given day, a Wavve Maker is experiencing something different.

A video loads too long. A button looks weird. Captions fall flat.

"Why can't your software just AI my content to the moon yet?"

Decisions must be made on what to work on now versus later.

Today, Wavve released a pretty ground-shifting update.

It's the product of many long conversations, meetings, and decisions.

The one that will hit our Free-Tier community the hardest.

We are officially ending our Free Tier and giving all Free accounts 21 Days of Unlimited everything as a thank you.

This means, the next time any Free-Tier Wavve Maker logs in, she will start a 21-Day Free Trial.

Will we get lots of hate mail?

Of course.

On the other hand, will those that have been asking us for a non-credit card, no limit Free-Trial rejoice? Yes.

Our desire is to provide so much value that we earn an upgrade to our paid plan. That you invite your team members. That you grow with us.

Our reason for this difficult decision is to focus more on making Wavve better for those voting with their dollars. (And soon world currencies).

It will be a much smaller group, but we will be able to go deeper with them and their needs.

We are excited about what this means for the future, and we welcome your feedback and encouragement.

Small businesses make hard decisions everyday. Thank you for walking with us through ours.






In the midst of our latest release, Powell Cucchiella's wavve design caught my eye at the right time to do an on-the-spot meditation.

The peaceful circular waveform animation matching his soothing voice and the progress bar telling me how much time I had to commit was the perfect balance to get me to stop everything and just ... breathe.

Great work to Positively Elite and Powell on this design.


Use Audiograms To Create On-Ramps To Your Content

How do you post on social media in a way that ramps new readers into your content?

Create audiograms.

Join Kim Stewart on #BookMarketingMania as Jeff Dolan, CEO of Wavve, shares why audiograms are so effective and some unique ways his customers are using them that will spark new ideas for you!

Spoiler alert: audiograms are great for those who don’t want their face on video AND for more than just sharing your own podcast. :)


Transform Audio into Engaging Video Clips

Give your audio a social media makeover. Wavve turns podcasts, talks, and audiobooks into dazzling video snippets. Amplify reach, captivate followers, and soar! Learn more ‚Üí‚Äč


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