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  • Don't forget about the kids
  • ​​Keep up with the kids on 'Vlad & Niki Podcast Adventures': Now streaming on Audacy ​​Presented by Flintstones™ Vitamins
  • ​​The Cat In The Hat Cast on Wondery​
  • Wavve Design of the Week
  • How To Clean Up Audio On A Video: 7 Tactics
  • Meme Worthy


Don't forget about the kids

I remember listening to records when I was a kid. But get this, my favorites?

Clips from movies. Star Wars. Disney. Cartoons.

While I was playing with the physical toy characters, I was listening to them act out their scenes in audio.

It was a powerful way to consume content I don't think we experience much anymore as adults.

Maybe you could argue listening to a golfing podcast while you golf counts, or a knitting podcast while you knit, but it's rare.

This week, from the Flintstones to Dr. Seuss, some top kid brands are moving into the audio format.

It's smart. And parents need all the help they can get. Especially when it involves healthier alternatives to staring at screens.

As podcasters and audiobook authors, even musicians, don't forget about the kids as an audience.

It's a huge one.

And there is never enough quality content for kids.

So whether you are a parent or a podcaster, new podcasts for kids are worth celebrating.




Lauren and her team at The Podcast Manager Show are doing a great job at layering their Wavve designs/clips into the social apps to leverage the strengths of each side: The strength of the Wavve customized waveforms to each audio and the strength of the native phone apps and their requirements.

By designing a super flexible base video with space on top and bottom, they can adjust for various app overlay titles, icons, descriptions, etc. They can also design a branded look while leaving space for dropping in other elements, from titles and text, to GIFs, to handle/guest tags, to captions, and more. I like it.


How To Clean Up Audio On A Video: 7 Tactics

Try these 7 techniques to clean up audio on a video. This will help to remove background noises and enhance your audio quality.

  1. Use The Right Recording Environment
  2. Clean Up the Audio With Post Production
  3. Remove Background Noise
  4. Remove Clicks, Pops, And Mouth Noises
  5. Add Effects
  6. Consider Options To Eliminate Your Audio
  7. Use Automated Background Noise Removal Tools

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