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  • Are parasocial podcast relationships ideal?
  • ​Nearly 90% of comedy podcast listeners have a parasocial relationship with their hosts​​
  • SoundExchange Sues SiriusXM Over Underpayment of Digital Streaming Royalties​
  • Wavve Design of the Week
  • Podcast Tweets (Xeets?): How to Promote and Get Listeners Excited
  • Meme Worthy


Are parasocial podcast relationships ideal?

I played in a rock band in high school and college, and I can remember the first time I met someone who clearly felt like they knew me, despite me having never met them.

It hit me then like it hits me now. Podcasts like live music, create a magical bond between strangers.

It's truly fascinating.

The exceptional artists creating the content are setting up a kind of relationship where each listener feels like a friend.

And this should never be taken lightly.

It's why celebrities with high EQ (emotional intelligence) who understand how important this dynamic is, will go out of their way to meet every last person who wants to say hi.

Because it's a parasocial friendship that feels real.

Let's bring this back to podcasting and social content.

Why should you reply to every genuine comment, question, or email?

Because it reflects on how you treat your friends. Your personal brand. What kind of person you are.

Are you too busy? Too skeptical? Too jaded? Too fearful? Too "whatever" to give a few moments for those who have invested their time to listen to your podcast, post, or music?

I hope not. And I hope if you are, you find ways to be a better friend.

Whether it's one comment. Or one thousand.




I really liked the use of the circular Wavve progress bar around the headshot. It's on-brand, ties in well with the design, and makes for a compelling and professional audiogram. Well done!


Podcast Tweets (Xeets?): How to Promote and Get Listeners Excited

Looking to grow your audience? Read our guide for the best podcast tweets you can use to attract more listeners.

6 Tricks to Attract More Podcast Listeners Using X (Twitter)

  1. Share Videos in your Xeets
  2. Tweet and Pin Your Podcast Trailer
  3. Engage With Your Guests Prior to Release
  4. Focus on Your Podcast Theme
  5. Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Content
  6. Spotlight Your Audience

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