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  • What is a podcast these days?
  • ​Triton Digital Announces YouTube Integration With Podcast Metrics​​
  • MuxIP launches Pod FAST TV platform for podcasters, vodcasters
  • Wavve Design of the Week
  • AI Music Video Generator: 5 Ways to Benefit Your Business
  • Meme Worthy


What is a podcast these days?

Most podcast listeners these days would assume a podcast is audio-only, but that's not how the younger generation sees it.

They are discovering "podcasts" on YouTube, on Instagram, on Spotify, on social video.

In other words, video is a part of the discovery.

So they don't think twice trying to isolate audio or video.

But the majority is still trying to figure out, "Wait, is there an audio-only version?"

"Is this a video-only podcast?"

For myself, I find I am in very different modes when I am listening to audio-only versus consuming video podcasts, vodcasts, or simply, (cough) a YouTube video.

And whether at conferences or in meeting rooms, the talk is the convergence of video, specifically YouTube, into podcasting.

Triton Digital just announced they will start adding YouTube metrics into podcast stats to get a better picture of engagement.

Many major shows have the budget to shoot live in a studio, so it makes sense that the rest of the market is trying to model the same.

And YouTube's engagement on shows with Live Chat, Super Chats, descriptions with active links, timestamps to jump to chapters, and comments with links blow most podcast players out of the water.

It's kind of a generational difference isn't it?

Younger generations gravitate toward engagement while consuming.

Older generations gravitate toward non-engagement while consuming.

Both engage after they consume. But the question is, do they engage with podcasts as audio-only content? Or have we driven in a circle back to video?

I suspect the most shareable, commerce-driven, amenable to social engagement platform that hosts "the content" wins in the end.

Whatever that platform is called.




Solid design this week from the LendingWise Podcast. I like the orange accents in the triangles and waveform that pull out the warmth of Chris's face. Of course, it gives off some colorful Wavve brand vibes, so I love that too. But overall, measured, informative, and tells me why I should tune in. Nice work!


AI Music Video Generator: 5 Ways to Benefit Your Business

This week, we cover a quick review on the advantages of using an AI music-video generator to help you promote and grow your business.

How AI Music-Video Generators Can Help Your Business

  1. Easily Create Quality Video Content
  2. Make Lyric Videos
  3. Produce Promotional Videos
  4. Evaluate Future Video Content Direction
  5. Improve Ads Over Static Images

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