Wavve Audio Insider #26

published4 months ago
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  • The One Social Media Strategy To Rule Them All
  • Top 30 US Podcast Networks
  • YouTube is deleting its Stories feature on 6/26/2023
  • The Black Podcasting Awards
  • Wavve Design of the Week
  • Podcast Marketing: Epic Ways to Create Without Video Editing
  • Meme Worthy
  • What is an ethical influencer?


The One Social Media Strategy To Rule Them All

Speaking to a comedian today, a light went off.

Amid hearing about how high ad costs are getting, how influencer fees are rising, and how AI is changing everything, this was refreshing.

The creative is the variable.

It makes ad costs go down.

It makes your regular posts go viral.

And it sure does build your community all by itself.

There are a million and one marketing strategies out there.

But this simple strategy boils it all down to this:

Do people want to share it before it even finishes?

What is the it?

That's the question. Your creativity you add to the content is the it.

You could have the most amazing emails, funnels, landers, widgets, gizmos, thinga-majings. Yawn.

I urge you this week to think about your special sauce that makes someone want to share you content before it finishes playing.

It just might change everything for you.

In case you missed it:


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I really liked the smart use of the square waveform animation around the title of the show and the great use of the vertical space and photo on the right. Brand colors grab your attention. The fingers are pointing to the title. The viewers eyes land on the logo as the last jump before looking for the action to take. Great work and an easy template to model..


Podcast Marketing: Epic Ways to Create Without Video Editing

One of the biggest blockers for many sitting on hours of video content is actually getting it published.

So how about we find ways to skip the dreaded editing part. Here are 6 ways to create podcast marketing content without the edit:

  1. Transcribe Your Podcast
  2. Use A Non-Video Editing Video Creation Tool
  3. Share Podcast Quotes On Social Media
  4. Go Live for Your Podcast Marketing Strategy
  5. Create Social Conversations With Your Podcast Guests
  6. Skip Video Altogether



Anyone else hacking their lungs out? No one seems to care in my world. Don't make me do it. I will turn into a baby if I have to ...

The Ethical Evolution Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Bindi on The Ethical Evolution Podcast. Bindi talks to Ethical Change Makers and Holistic Healers who are driven to create collective change to make the world a better place - understanding that it all begins with us. I enjoyed it!

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