Wavve Audio Insider #134: How You Can Leverage Father's Day and Other Special Occasions to Create Great Content

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  1. Embracing Father's Day and Other Holidays To Build An Audience
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How Embracing Father's Day and Other Holidays Can Build Your Audience

Father’s Day is this weekend, and that means the creation of a fair amount of dad-themed podcasts. There’s nothing at all wrong with embracing the holiday for your podcast. Developing content around holidays or special events can be provide big benefits for podcasters. Here are a few:

  • Increased Engagement. Holiday or event-themed content resonates with listeners who are already in the mindset of celebrating or acknowledging the occasion. Also, listeners enjoy content that reflects their own experiences and celebrations, making them feel more connected to the podcast.
  • Content Variety. Holidays and special events provide fresh, timely topics that can diversify the podcast's content and keep it interesting.
  • SEO and Discoverability. People search for relevant holiday-related content. Creating episodes along those lines can attract new listeners. Similarly, event-specific hashtags and keywords can improve discoverability on social media and podcast platforms.
  • Emotional Connection. Holidays and special occasions often evoke strong emotions and nostalgia. Tapping into these can create a deeper emotional connection with listeners.
  • Community Building. Special episodes encourage listener interaction through feedback related to the holiday or event. Plus, establishing an annual cadence with holiday episodes can build a loyal base that looks forward to special episodes every year.

How to Create Engaging Podcast Content

Holiday themes are great, but creating engaging podcast content in general is essential for attracting and retaining listeners. With thousands of podcasts available, standing out requires not only high-quality production but also content that captivates and resonates with your audience.

We've created a guide on how to create engaging podcast content that keeps your listeners coming back for more.


Analysis: Typography is everything here. The angle and weight of the podcast title give it a retro ad feel, and host Tesh Randall uses a similar type treatment throughout all of her podcast design. The use of green is a nice touch for a podcast that discusses being eco-friendly. Adding the how to listen portion at the bottom is icing on the cake.


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