Wavve Audio Insider #132: Podcasting Can Be Easier With a Little Help From Your Friends

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  1. Collaborating with Other Podcasters: Tips and Benefits
  2. The Benefits of Podcast Networks. Should You Join One?
  3. Design of the Week
  4. Missed and Listed

Strength in numbers is the theme for today. Podcasters of the world unite! You're not out there on an island. The podcasting community is here to help. Keep reading for some ideas on how to tap into others to build a successful podcast.

Collaborating With Other Podcasters: Tips and Benefits

In the dynamic world of podcasting, collaboration is a powerful tool that can help you grow your audience, diversify your content, and build valuable connections within the community. Partnering with other podcasters opens up new opportunities for creativity and expansion.

Check out this recent Wavve blog post exploring the benefits of collaborating with other podcasters and offering practical tips to make your collaborations successful.

The Benefits of Podcast Networks. Should You Join One?

A podcast network is a collective of podcasts that are grouped together under a single brand or organization. These networks often provide support, resources, and monetization opportunities for their member podcasts.

Discover the reasons to consider joining a podcast network and the benefits they can provide. Learn more.


Analysis: "How Fitting" is a great title for a podcast about fashion and clothes sizing. So, that's a great start. Also, I just love the use of the deep blues here and the subtle line art that is used to create the show's visual identity. The design is simple, clean and extremely appealing.


📊 110 useful podcasting stats for 2024. See the list.

💲 Big tech launches campaign to defend AI. Read more.

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