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publishedabout 1 month ago
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Each week, we bring the Wavve Maker community relevant news and encouragement in the world of audio marketing and podcasting.


Sometimes, you don't want to use or don't have a photo. That's where a nice white logo on black with a one-color accent makes a bold statement and stops the scroll. This caught my eye and made me laugh. Great work Newsweek. Today I learned about trucks from Eileen & Nicole. 🤩

  • Benedict Evans' annual report on global macro tech trends is back and it does not disappoint. Don't miss his deck on 'The New Gatekeepers.'
  • Instagram appears to be prioritizing photos over videos now, with some accounts seeing as much as a 20% decline in Reels views, reports Adweek (gated).
  • Max Cutler shared some great points about why now is the best time to be in podcasting.

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